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Team Zingano If you like the idea of Martial Arts training but have been too intimidated to try, Zingano BJJ is the place for you! We help adults and children with or without any prior martial arts experience master the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and more! Build self-confidence in a friendly and supportive environment At Zingano BJJ, we’re all about positive attitudes and real results…

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BJJ_weight_loss_and_confidence_brian_leftwitch_ju_jutsu_and_thai_boxing_classes_in_broomfield_co10-t“I was a year shy of 30 and growing tired of spin classes and Stairmasters that did nothing for me. I needed something different. Something that would get me into shape, increase my confidence and be fun. I emailed Master Zingano to see if I could swing by and try a Jiu Jitsu class. I made it through my first class and came back the next day for a Muay Thai class. I made it through both and was hooked. I canceled my gym membership and joined the Zingano Family. It truly is a family. The coaches have always been there for me whether it is at tournaments, providing little tips or some extra motivation to try harder. I was afraid that I would be the testing dummy for more skilled students. Instead, I found a culture of teaching and respect that permeates everything at the gym. From the first timer to the most experienced person, everyone looks out for each other, which allows everyone to be their best”.
“After training at Zingano’s for 5 months I lost 53 lbs, regained my confidence and have had incredible time training. The Family I found at Zingano’s means the world to me and I am so glad I dropped in for that first class.”
– Brian Leftwich – Manager- HandsOn Network