Monthly Archives: June 2012

MMA One FC – Gregor Gracie vs Adam Kayoom Video

MMA One FC in Malaysia. MMA fighter Adam Kayoom and Gregor Gracie at ONE FC  in Malaysia. Here is the video! Gregor Gracie trains under the legendary Renzo Gracie in NY.  Adam is a BJJ black belt under Ricardo Liborio and the best fighter out of Malaysia.
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ONE FC MMA – Adam Kayoom Defeats Gregor Gracie

One FC MMA took place this weekend in Malaysia. Our friend Adam Kayoom took on Gregor Gracie and won via unanimous decision in one of the best fights of the night. Congrats Adam!!!! [caption id="attachment_841" align="alignleft" width="300"] Adam Kayoom vs Gregor Gracie[/caption]
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