Muay Thai – Sakmongkol vs. Cosmo Alexandre

We arrived in Vegas yesterday with Coach Sakmongkol for his fight tomorrow against Brazilian Muay Thai fighter Cosmo Alexandre.

Coach Mong is in good spirits, laughing and smiling, he is very exited about performing and bringing the fight to Cosmo and entertain the crowd.

Today he went for a light run and checked his weight afterwords, 153.5lb, had some Gatorade and is ready for weight ins.

It's very exiting to see a legendary Muay Thai fighter like Mong face one of today's top Muay Thai fighters in the world.

Sakmongkol walks in the ring with over 250 professional Thai Boxing fights under his belt, 5 world titles and he is a Lumpinee Champion, on the other hand Cosmo comes in at 6'2", over 50 professional fights and two 2 world titles. this will be a battle between experience and tenacity vs. youth and size.

As a fan I can't wait to see P' Mong get in the ring and do what he does better then anyone else....FIGHT! No other man I know has the same amount of heart, tenacity and will power this man has.

I'm fortunate to be in his corner and witness this historic fight up close and personal.

Coach Sakmongkol























Cosmo Alexandre