Sakmongkol Zingano Vs. Cosmo Alexandre – Pictures & Play by Play.

Sakmongkol attacking with his famous left kick

Coach Sakmongkol Zingano won his fight via unanimous decision. He suffered a broken arm and orbital bone in the first round and skill continue to attack all the way to the end of the fight.

Cosmo protested the loss after the fight and acted very poorly in defeat.

Every fighter should always accept their loses with the same dignity as they accept their wins.

Coach Sakmongkol Zingano wants to have his next fight be against Cosmo again. He feels disrespected and expects to beat Cosmo once again as soon as his injuries heal up.

Congrats to coach Mong for ALWAYS being a class act and a true warrior.

Just one more reason why he is consider to be one of the TOP TEN Muay Thai fighters in the history of the sport!

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Thurout the fight Sakmongkol attacked Cosmo

Again Coach Mong throwing his devastating left kic

Incredible, the power on Sakmongkol's push kicks