Fight to Win MMA – Mortal Combat – Team Zingano MMA goes 3-0 at

This past Saturday February 25th Team Zingano went 3-0 at The Fight to Win MMA, Mortal Combat show. The show itself was really well done and promoter Seth Daniels did an outstanding job with several drummers playing live for the fighters entrance, custom music and the most important part....awesome MMA fights!

The night kicked off at Fight to Win with our MMA fighter Cory Kuechler representing Team Zingano MMA. Cory's opponent shot in for his legs right a way but the take down was defended by Cory who quickly got on top in guard, after establishing a solid position on top he passed the guard ad moved to mount position ad began to unload punches until his opponent was not defending himself intelligent and the referee called a stop to the fight at 2 minutes of the first round. Team Zingano MMA 1-0 for the night.

Next up was on the Figh to Win card was Team Zingano MMA fighter Jose Keven Hernandez. J. Kev started out very with a small leg kick and measuring out the distance of his opponent, once he had that part figured out it didn't take long for a devastating right cross to come down the pipe and knock his opponent out unconscious and end the fight in :12 seconds of the first round. Team Zingano 2-0.

Our 3rd fighter of the night was Professor Josh Ford. Josh Ford was up against Alfredo Corona, a tough fighter who was voted Colorado pro male fighter of the year in 2010. It didn't take long for the fight to go to the ground with Professor Ford immediately taking control, passing the guard and going to mount, he took Alfredo's back and started applying a rear naked choke that came really close to finishing the fight early, after some scrambling Josh ended up in side mount and then moving  to mount yet again.

Alfredo at this point had realized that Professor's Ford superior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills where more than he had bargain for, soon enough Josh Ford had Alfredo i a omoplata and a wrist lock that somehow slipped away. Not long after Josh had moved from mount to a reverse triangle and following up with an nasty arm-bar that made Alfredo scream in pain "tap tap tap". Team Zingano MMA 3 - 0 at Fight to Win MMA.

The night was great, all our fighters won their matches and completely dominated their opponents. Big thanks to Seth Daniels for putting on another great Fight to Win show! For info on Fight to Win MMA shows visit their site by clicking on THIS LINK.

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