Brayn Caraway Incident

Ok, Bryan Caraway situation:

Yes, it did happen.
And yes, it has been talked about it in the past, look on the “underground”, that was even a post or reply by Ray Elbe saying something about last month.

Cat Zingano didn’t seek out Bloody Elbow to tell a story and has nothing to gain for “making it up”, that’s pretty ignorant to even think or say that.

I was talking to them (bloody elbow) about her signing with Black House and the conversation came up. They asked to speak to Josh Ford who was with her and saw the whole thing; he told them the same thing.

Bryan is a douch bag, period. Cat has absolutely no reason to make some dumb story up, she already put Meisha away. so Bryan Tate trying to say “why only now she is saying something” is simply silly.

Like I said, It was talked about it in the past it just kind went unnoticed and now it caught peoples attention.

Because she opted to not make a stink about it it doesn’t make it false. Bloody Elbow asked ME to tell them what had happened, they confirmed it with Josh and Leister and I asked her to give them a quote about what had happened, of course she did since it was in fact, what had happened.

I said something because I think the guy is a total dirt bag and I’m way more confrontational.

I’m here waiting, would love to see him come elbow me in the head.

Anyhow, another issue with all of this is that because someone dosen’t say something right then and there it does not mean its a lie. If your child gets bullied in school and waits a month to say something for whatever reason, does it become a lie?

At the UFC we asked Cat if she wanted to complain to the UFC about it, she said “no, I’ll take it out on his girlfriend tomorrow”, which she did…..

Cat didn’t “throw the first elbow”, but she sure as hell threw the last!

Mauricio Hostile Zingano

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