Let’s Bring Kru Mong’s Family Home!

Kru Sakmongkol is living in America making a HUGE sacrifice by being away from his wife and two daughters in order to provide them with a better life.

Our Team is a family and we are trying to reunite Kru Mong with his family and have them come to America.

This is a VERY expensive process due to visas, airfare and all other costs involved in starting a new life with a family in a new country.

We have set up a fund raise for Kru Mong were people can donate money towards getting his family out here.

Also, we have some auctions on eBay selling some very rare memorabilia from his retirement bout vs. Cosmo Alexandre.

If you are able to help, please do so. Kru Mong is not only a legendary fighter but also one of the most kind and humble human beings you would ever meet.

Here is the link for donations.

His boxing gloves from the fight against Cosmo on eBay.

And Boxing shorts  from his fight with Cosmo.

Thank you

Kru Sakmongkol