Don't Take Our Word For It, See the Feedback from Students and Parents Below!

Lost over 50lb, made some great friends and learned some awesome Jiu Jitsu to boot! 

Grace has been taking BJJ and Thai Boxing classes from us for a few months now after coming off a terrible snow boarding injury that required surgery on her arm.

She has taken to martial arts so well and found a place she loves to train at so much that now is considering taking a MMA fight in the future.

US Marine Aaron

Jen enrolled her son Johnny at our Broomfield Academy. The benefits she was looking for was an increase in focus and discipline. She explains how he has improved during his time training.

"Zingano BJJ & Muay Thai has completely changed my life in more ways then one. Before I started doing Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu all I did after work is play video games or act like I knew what I was doing at the local fitness gym. I started at Zingano’s weighing around 215 pounds and have since dropped to 150 pounds. This sport gives me something to look forward to after work not only for the health reasons, but also for the atmosphere that is created. Team Zingano is not just a team to train with but is a family atmosphere where everyone feels wanted and no one is outcast. The knowledge spreads like a wildfire because everyone is always helping each other and none is made to feel like they can't do a technique. I know personally I plan on training here for years to come."

-Rick B

"I train at Zingano BJJ because we are a close-knit team where everyone helps everyone else.  As a result, I have personally seen my BJJ game make huge advances in the short time I've been here, and I've enjoyed helping my teammate’s progress as well.  Between the team environment, top-notch instruction and awesome facilities, you will not find a better or more legitimate place to train in Colorado."


"My 6 year old daughter has been attending Zingano’s for a few months. In the past she has participated in swim lessons, dance, and gymnastics. I can say with great confidence that she truly enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu more than anything she's ever done. Her attitude and focus has greatly improved and she really looks forward to going every week." 

Britt & Lora H

"I was a year shy of 30 and growing tired of spin classes and Stairmasters that did nothing for me. I needed something different. Something that would get me into shape, increase my confidence and be fun. I emailed Professor Zingano to see if I could swing by and try a Jiu Jitsu class. I made it through my first class and came back the next day for a Muay Thai class. I made it through both and was hooked. I canceled my gym membership and joined the Zingano Family. It truly is a family. The coaches have always been there for me whether it is at tournaments, providing little tips or some extra motivation to try harder. I was afraid that I would be the testing dummy for more skilled students. Instead, I found a culture of teaching and respect that permeates everything at the gym. From the first timer to the most experienced person, everyone looks out for each other, which allows everyone to be their best.

“After training at Zingano's for 5 months I lost 53 lbs, regained my confidence and have had an incredible time training. The Family I found at Zingano's means the world to me and I am so glad I dropped in for that first class."

-Brian L